Fireworks view from Vivo City | 怡丰城看到的烟花 (by @ace108)


@ace108 created on Jan 06, 2018 ∙

Was at Vivo City for dinner and halfway, there was fireworks coming from across. It would be the fireworks from Universal Studios Singapore. I remember they have fireworks there every night. So, I quickly went out of the restaurant to took a bit of video for here.In the video you can also see a cruise ship on the right as I pan to the right.

刚才在怡丰城吃晚餐中途传出烟花的声音。这是新加坡环球影城的烟花。 我记得他们每天晚上都有烟花。 于是,我迅速走出餐厅,为这里拍了一些视频。在视频中,您也可以在右侧看到右侧的一艘游轮。

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