US Tax Changes And Cryptocurrency Exemptions 2018


@sinzzer created on Dec 28, 2017 ∙

Well Trump might not be the only reason to leave the US, because the IRS seems to have a master plan for 2018. Or they found a way to make money from the crypto world. And im maybe not a US citizen, but if that system works then other Western countries might take that over! Because the US is always leading in something , and after that the worlds take over. But i think this is just stupid, because now they either force people to do business abroad. And those rules have no effect on third world countries, who could adapt the cryptocurrency monetary system, what than could be used by foreigners. I mean,

If you ask me, governments should leave cryptocurrency alone, because then citizens could thrive and earn money, what than could be used to paid the bills, buy stuff, go traveling and there will be lesser crime. Because most of the crime is happening for the money, drugsdealers, pimps, prostitutes, burglars, hackers, thieves are all doing it for the money. If they massively enlighten the public about crypto, to bring awareness about other ways to earn money. Then at the end it would be better for the society worldwide. But not with this nonsense lol… What do you all think of this?