Sunday Purple - My Project Today


@uwelang created on Dec 03, 2017 ∙

Sunday Purple and my Weekend issues

I have always been a fan of fishes and anyone living in our oceans, rivers and lakes. I am fascinated by the life down there in the dark deep water on our planet Earth. Probably a lot species are not discovered yet especially the ones living in our oceans. Hopefully the growing waste and shit mankind produces is not endangering the discovery of new creatures and species before they become extinct.

Beautiful Sunday for me - not really!

We decided to buy an aquarium mainly for the princess as we THOUGHT - naive idiots we are - it is easier to take care of fishes in a tank full of water compared to have a dog. Wrong!

So - aquarium - my project since a couple of weeks. A lot of research went into this, we have been to several shops to check what can be done, we ordered an aquarium incl. all components and requirement. We were wrong. We ordered more, checked more. Current status is the aquarium at least is now testing and preparing itself before some fishes enter the show room. I never expected this required so many little details and I hope we manage to make the guests of this aquarium happy.

The video includes some purple coloured scenes from aquariums prepared and maintained by professionals as well as the current status of my current set-up. You might read more on my adventures.